Sense of Being
Sense of Place.

A shard of pottery from a wreck. It's a fragment which has been swept by the North Sea for 100 years to be stumbled on by chance and to find its way here.

Sense of Being Sense of Place.

Our sense of what we are doing here in Northumbria at the beginning of the 21st Century in places developed through thousands of years in a landscape which has evolved over millenia is what underpins Northumbria People.

The way that our fore-bears lived their lives shaped the buildings and the streets around us and set patterns for the way we move and interact which each other which affects us today. Even when we operate technology which depends on satellites thousands of miles above our heads bringing us into instantaneous communication with people on the other side of the world.

Northumbria is a place gives a strong sense of being alive.

We will reflect this in our publications and in our work with people.

Sense of Being Sense of Place.

Sense of Being Sense of Place.

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