Newbiggin by the Sea
Genealogy Project.

Heritage Lottery Funded.

Northumbria People supports the Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project.

This is a new initiative led by local people which aims to record every single person who ever lived in Newbiggin by the Sea - and with the information produced map the links between Newbiggin families over the generations and the centuries.

We believe that this is a unique project which will produce an amazing store of information, artefacts and stories. It is an endless project which will develop further over the years to come .

Our aim is to build a 'community family tree' containing information about everyone who has ever lived in Newbiggin by the Sea thus providing a publicly available, sustainable, developing resource for people to learn about their linked family and community history.

This is a unique and highly participative project which aims to collect information while identifying, protecting and utilising precious family records. We will do this by training an extensive cadre of local volunteers in research, recording, preservation and publication skills.

Our project is a major exercise in community learning with the potential to engage the whole community (including very hard to reach groups)in discovering information which anyone might have in their own family records.Thereby making a valued contribution to an important community asset.

We will utilise significant public resources in the nearby Northumberland Archives, Newbiggin Maritime Centre and Library Service improving access and embedding our work.

This is an intergenerational, cohesive project with great potential to inspire interactive events, publications and publicity benefiting Newbiggin.

This project builds upon 12 months of consultation and development entirely undertaken by volunteers which has demonstrated progress, capacity and public enthusiasm.

We are now seeking short term funding to make this work.

Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project.

'A huge vote of confidence in
Newbiggin by the Sea'

Local family history project wins
competition for major lottery funds.

Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project is celebrating success today with the news that their pioneering work is to receive a grant of up to 44,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Set up by local volunteers only last year the Project aims to compile a database of everyone who ever lived in Newbiggin by the Sea, drawing links between the families of this close - knit community and providing ways for a thousand stories to be told - to both residents and visitors to the town.

Chair of the Project Hilton Dawson said :

'This is a huge vote of confidence in Newbiggin by the Sea from the National Heritage Lottery Fund and we are extremely grateful to them for their support.

We are not aware of any other community which has attempted such an ambitious project. It has been inspired by the contributions from hundreds of Newbiggin people and it is being led by a Committee made up of local people who have worked extremely hard to achieve this success.

Quite properly, the Heritage Lottery Fund bid was a very challenging process where we had to demonstrate the importance of this innovative approach to community family history in direct competition with many other worthy claims from across the region.

Now we have to build on this good faith and great support for Newbiggin by the Sea by delivering the developed Newbiggin Community Family Tree by Spring 2015.'

Ivor Crowther, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund North East said 'We are extremely pleased to be able to support the Newbiggin community with this project. The project is clearly at the heart of the community and it is evident that the local people are excited to uncover and research their fascinating heritage. Newbiggin's family tree is an exciting resource that will be available to the local people and the wider region for a long time to come.'

Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project.

Sue Lancaster, Secretary to the Newbiggin Genealogy Project said :

'The Project has attracted huge interest since it began with a public meeting in 2012. We currently have a database containing information about some 2,600 people but we know that we can increase this 20 fold with a paid member of staff working with local volunteers to collect and collate a rich store of local records and reminiscence.

The project is particularly fortunate to have access to the excellent resources of Northumberland Archives through our partnership with Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives as well as a local 'expert by experience' Joan Rose. We are therefore confident that we will be able to train local people in a variety of skills to create a fantastic repository of local knowledge, a variety of displays, publications and events and a sustainable resource which will continue to develop over the years.

Sue Wood, Head of Collections, Northumberland Archives, commented 'We are looking forward to working with the Project and introducing a group of new users to some of the wonderful sources in our collections'

Committee member John Stringer said 'This is a very good thing for the town.' Project mentor Joan Rose said 'After 20 years of researching Newbiggin by the Sea families it's good to be able to share my knowledge and experience and help others to learn more'

Fellow Committee members Glenys Heppell and Carol and Bill Sampson said 'We are very grateful for the support given to our bid by Newbiggin Maritime Centre, Rev. Peter Sinclair and Wansbeck CVS.'

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