Looking out to the World.

Looking out to the World

It's important that the North East looks east to Europe but vital that we remember we are all part of one world.

Hilton has been to some of the worst places on earth in Burundi, Angola, Darfur and holds the indelible memory of seeing a doctor from Medecins Sans Frontieres kneading life back into the emaciated frame of a starving child in Darfur.

We can all make a practical difference to people's lives and Northumbria People is determined to provide a strong message about what we can all do to help people in desperate need.

Northumbria People supports the work of Unicef and PLAN.

Northumbria is a big place - in its heyday well over a thousand years ago it stretched from the Firth of the Forth to south of the Humber and for a time it was a hub of the finest artistic and spiritual endeavour in what was then known of the world. We will create a new 'golden age' of Northumbria if in every way we put people at the heart of it.

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