Advocacy for the People.

Advocacy for the People

Hilton Dawson is driven by his belief in the concept first put forward by the philosopher Martin Heidegger that 'conscience is the call of Care'.

His relentless campaigning alongside and on behalf of people over 30 years as a social worker and a politician is based on 3 questions asked of those with wealth, influence and power :

  • Would this be good enough for members of your family ?
  • Would you find it acceptable to be treated in this way ?
  • Are you prepared to spend your unique and precious life providing people with second rate services?

Community Advocacy - National Results

  • Working with local groups, business and special interests the NP approach to advocacy is a unique and effective way of achieving change.
  • We meet with you to agree a policy line.
  • We promote it to the Media and online.
  • We meet key MPs in constituencies utilising the voting influence of the community.
  • We build networks in Parliament, Whitehall and local government.
  • We demonstrate influence through Parliamentary activity, Government policy papers, Select Committee and APG work with impact on manifestos.
  • We achieve legal and policy change.

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Health and Care Professions Council





'an outstanding and powerful advocate for social care and for children's services.'


'a passionate advocate for children'


'a splendid combination of wise man and a thorn in the side of Government'


'Following convention has never been one of Mr Dawson's strong points - and is exactly the reason why he has made such an effective constituency M.P.............If he gives as much time, effort and honesty to whatever his next job turns out to be, then his new employers can expect to get their money's worth.'
Lancaster Guardian


'It is a pleasure to hear you'
Betty Boothroyd MP Speaker of the House of Commons

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